What Are Some Common Printer Upgrades and Repairs?

Printer repairs and upgrades vary from one model and type to another. However, you can still find common repairs and upgrades that you can find on all printers. Here are some of them:

For Upgrades

Network Connectivity

Adding ethernet or wireless connectivity to your printer enables it to be shared with multiple devices connected to a network.

Memory Upgrade

Increasing the memory of the printer may improve the performance of the machine. This is particularly applicable when you have to deal with large or complex printing jobs.

Paper Handling

You have to upgrade the paper tray to be able to handle larger paper sizes or accommodate a higher paper capacity can improve productivity.

Firmware Updates

Installing the most recent firmware updates coming from the manufacturer will be able to provide you with bug fixes, new features, and also enhanced compatibility.

Duplexing Unit

When you install a duplexing unit, this will allow for double-sided printing, enhancing efficiency, and saving paper.


Paper Jams

This is one of the most common printer repair jobs, to clear paper jams. This entails removing any paper stuck in the path of the printer.

Replacing the Ink/Toner Cartridge

When the ink/toner cartridges become empty or start having issues, they all have to be replaced to retain high-quality printing.

Cleaning or Replacing the Printhead

If you notice that the print quality starts to deteriorate or you start finding missing lines or streaks on the printouts, cleaning or replacing the printhead may clear these issues.

Replacing the Roller

Just like any other computer component, printer rollers can deteriorate over time. This can cause problems in paper feeding.

Connectivity Issues

Connectivity issues such as USB issues and problems with network connections can be resolved by following several steps such as checking cables, network settings, and drivers.

Remember that when you face complex issues with your printer such as those that involve internal components or those that require higher technical knowledge, you are better off when you ask for professional assistance.

Remember that when your printer is still under warranty, you may void the warranty when you attempt to repair it on your own. When you are in this situation, you only have to contact the manufacturer or the nearest authorized dealer for technical assistance.

If you don’t have the technical knowledge and necessary experience with printer repair, it would be a wise decision to contact a professional technician instead. For safety purposes, a technician will be able to handle printer repair that deals with electrical components.