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Should I lease or buy printers and copiers?

Are you short on a budget yet badly needs office equipment? Or do you have enough funds but confused about which is better, purchasing or leasing office equipment? Quit making that frowning and worrying face. Clear Choice Technical Services is here to provide solutions for that problem. This reliable company of copier leasing in Utah offers purchasing and leasing most of the world’s top-performing printer and copier brands at amazingly low prices. 

Demand for Printers and Copiers

Utilizing equipment such as printers and copiers in offices and other work areas makes working a lot easier and faster, thus ensuring office productivity. A great demand for office equipment rises as its benefits and contributions are proven to businesses and companies, either small or large scales.  

There is no doubt that printers and copiers are of great necessity nowadays. Currently, living in the digital era, the usage of technology drastically became a trend. In deciding to get office equipment, businesses and companies are struggling to know which will be more beneficial, purchasing or leasing?

Which is a better option: Purchasing or leasing?

Decision-making is a crucial thing to do. There are plenty of things to consider before you come up with a final decision. Deciding between buying or leasing is a challenging task for businesses and companies too. 

To help in that decision-making, take note of the following things first:

  • Resources or funds
  • Necessity
  • Equipment type
  • Workplace space
  • Quantity of users
  • Volume of tasks

Leasing versus Purchasing

To weigh and properly decide between buying or leasing, let me present some of their advantages and disadvantages.



  • Leasing requires lower upfront costs. It is ideal for businesses with limited resources.
  • Monthly payments are fixed. Managing finances is a lot easier knowing the amount you will pay every month.
  • You got to enjoy upgrade options for your equipment. It makes leasing quite interesting. 
  • Leasing also qualifies you for income tax benefits.
  • Leasing includes maintenance services. You don’t have to worry about additional expenses for equipment maintenance covered already in the lease.


  • You get to pay small amounts because the payments are made monthly, but you will pay more in the long run. 
  • The term is strictly practiced. You must comply with the company’s rules. Discontinued use and cancellation of the contract will result in a penalty.
  • Leasing exhibits no defined ownership. You do not have the right to sell it if you wish.
  • Your options are limited. You only got to choose from the particular equipment offered by the company.



  • Purchasing is easy. You buy the equipment, and then it’s yours. 
  • It is less expensive—no need to worry about interests and additional fees.
  • You are free to choose what maintenance best suited your equipment and which maintenance company will do it. 
  • You are free of a contract. You have the full authority to replace, upgrade and sell the equipment anytime. 


  • The initial cost might be too much to manage for limited resources.
  • Maintaining the equipment on your own might be too heavy for you. It would cost you a lot.
  • Replacing purchased equipment that is outdated and no longer functioning will be a big problem too.

Most of us want to make the best out of our budget. Thus, decision-making becomes critical in this stage. We must carefully base it on our current needs, future goals, and the resources we have.

With so many things to consider between leasing and purchasing, glad to know that purchasing and copier leasing is made easy by Clear Choice Technical Services.  

At Clear Choice Technical Services, you have three options. You can purchase, rent, or avail of a copier lease best suited to your printing and copying needs. What is more interesting? They also offer a wide range of copier leasing services. With their best technical staff, the best technical care for your equipment is guaranteed. 

Find out more about copier leasing services in Utah. Contact Clear Choice Technical Services now and get affordable and top-quality printers and copiers, whether for purchase or lease.