Printer Rental and Print Artifact

What is Print Artifact?

A print artifact does not have any correlation to any ancient works or any archeological object. These are problems or anomalies that may appear to the print out during the printing process. Anything that looks wrong in the print is considered as a print artifact. Having a print artifact usually means that your printer can’t execute its job anymore and you have to upgrade it. Several factors contribute to having a print artifact. Most commonly, it can be a problem related to the manufacturer or it can be because of poor maintenance on the part of the client. 

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What are the common examples of Print Artifacts?

  1. Banding

Banding may refer to three different printing problems. These problems may suggest that you have to clean and repair it a few times but these are just temporary solutions. If the banding still occurs frequently then it means that you have to find a replacement for your equipment. 

  • Color banding is a print artifact that causes the shade of color in the print to be lacking or wrong. This will produce a different color than what is exactly preferred.
  • Print head banding is when there are alternating horizontal bands that appear on the printed image or text. The reason why these horizontal bands appear is that the print head that passes on the two sides have different print density. This problem causes the inconsistency of the image or text being printed.
  • Horizontally discolored lines across the page is a problem that is caused by the clogged nozzle in the print head. This problem is the most common especially if your printer needs some cleaning.

2. Paper Quality Problems

Some printers may work best depending on what type of paper you use in printing. When buying a printer you have to make sure that you can also afford the appropriate paper that is needed to ensure a good quality print.

3. Cost Problems

Remember that buying a printer is just the first step. You have to keep in mind the maintenance and repair that you may face and if you can sustain it.

How to Solve Print Artifact through Printer Rentals

Printer rental is your best choice if you do not want a long term commitment or if you are just trying it out for the first time. This is a wise way of getting service without the hassle of sticking with it even if you have encountered problems. You can easily prolong the rental if you are happy with the service or switch to new equipment if it is unsatisfactory.

  • The best solution to avoid banding is to prevent it from happening. Copier leasing companies give you a wide choice on what printer to avail of or rent. Aside from that, there are also contracts where the copier leasing company will shoulder the expenses for repairs and maintenance of the printer. These are all included in the copier leasing services that they offer.
  • If you availed your printer through a lease or rental then you can freely ask for their assistance. Printers for lease or rentals usually with copier leasing services. They can give you a free orientation about the right kind of ink and quality of paper you need in your printer. They can also give you pointers on how to assure a good printing job just by correctly maintaining your equipment.

Copier leasing and copier leasing services in Utah is a cost-effective choice. They will provide you with updated equipment and good customer service. Copier leasing in Utah ensures that you will always get what you pay for.