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How To Choose The Best Copier Equipment For Your Business

If you are running a business that requires a high volume of printing and copying needs, you should purchase the right solutions and equipment. This will not just improve the efficiency but also the productivity of your business. If you own a copier that shows signs of defects, such as frequent paper jamming, this could decrease your workers’ overall performance and productivity.

High-quality and well-functioning copiers these days are high in demand, which makes them more expensive. If you don’t have enough budget to buy new copying machines, your best option is to avail of copier leasing services.

Do you find it hard to pick the right copier for your office? You are in the right place. This post will give you some useful tips on choosing a copier that fits your needs and can improve your business’s efficiency.

So, without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Know the type of copies you will make

Does your office employee produce black and white copies? Or you are also dreaming of having a color printer? There are different types of copiers that you may find in the market. Two of the most known copier equipment brands that offer four varieties of toner are Savin and Ricon. If you only need black and white copies, then look for a copier machine that requires a single type of toner. In connection to this, black and white copiers are way cheaper than those colored printers. Aside from that, they are easier to use and only require a low cost per copy


Know the output speed you need

We recommend buying or leasing a high-speed printer if your office requires high printing volume. The good thing about high-speed copiers and printers is that they can create more than 100 copies in just a few minutes. On the one hand, if you are running a small to medium-sized business and does not require high printing needs, a high-speed printer is unnecessary. In this case, we recommend you purchase or lease a cheaper alternative.

Do not forget the copier and printer accessories.

You must ensure that your chosen copier machine can do anything that your office requires. To do so, consider the copier accessories to complete the whole copying process quicker and more conveniently. These accessories include staplers, booklet markets, paper-feed trays, sorters, and paper trays.

Paper Size

An average copier machine can only handle legal-sized and letter-sized papers. But, many of the latest copier machines these days can handle custom-paper sizes, such as ledger-size.

Do not forget the paperweight you need

Paperweight is one of the most critical factors that need to be taken into consideration. Take note that a paperweight can range from 15 # to 110 #. If you need a customized letterhead, opt for the latest and newly launched copiers.

If you are looking for the best copier machines in the market, you are looking for tips on picking the right one. If you find it hard to choose between the overwhelming numbers of copiers in the market, consider the tips we listed above.

If you are still new in the printing and copying industry, your budget is not that big compared to the veterans. That’s why acquiring a new copier machine may be quite hard for you. In this case, you may consider copier leasing. A copier lease is just like buying a copier with a monthly or annual payment. Take note that there are loads of copier leasing services that you can choose from.

Copier leasing services in Utah are high in demand, considering that most offices and businesses in the area are small to medium. Other big corporations prefer copier leasing in Utah because they think it helps them save more bucks.